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sequins Central Scott Burnside @ ESPN_Burnside: You need to get to Detroit goaltender Jimmy Howard, who had a sensational Broadway on Thursday night, and turned 48 of 47 shots for the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden. Unfortunately, thanks to the … Read more ESPN

kwistjonijiet USDA disaster declaration Central Texas According to the LCRA, the Central Texas is in its seventh year historic drought. Lakes Travis and Buchanan are the source of water for over a million Central Texans, traders and farmers, and currently, only 38 percent full. And … Read more KVUE

TV Picks “Sherlock,” “Powerpuff Girls” Comedy Central Comedies “Sherlock” (PBS, Sunday). Wreathed in honor of Benedict Cumberbatch is the current status of an international sex symbol – “Thinking Woman crumpet,” he was called, the land rolls – the third season … Mark Gatiss and Read more Los Los Angeles Times

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